Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC


  • Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC (CMT) is one of the largest and most modern metal concentrate storage and handling facility in the Mediterranean and Black Sea ..
  • CMT is strategically located in 4km east from Poti Black Sea Port in Georgia in the main regional base and precious metals mining region.
  • The Poti Sea Port is the main Caucasian seaport at the mouth of the Rioni River in Poti, Georgia handling virtually 100% of the Caucasian dry bulk and container exports of concentrates.
  • The Poti Sea Port is a cross point of the TRACECA, an interstate program aimed at supporting the economic development in the Black Sea Region, Caucasus and Central Asia by means of improvement of international transport.
  • CMT provides an important contribution for the support of the regional economic development and injects a significant economic stimulus for the region through its commercial activities and also through employment of a local, specialised workforce.


Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC

  • CMT is a bonded warehouse with 18,000 square metre with a storage capacity of 60,000 mt and handling capacity of 400,000 mt/y.
  • CMT owns the property in freehold and has a roofed and open storage facility and is equiped with modern, brand-new handling and loading equipment for railcar and truck transport as well as stock handling
  • CMT benefits from two railtracks reaching into the terminal and connecting CMT to the national and regional railtrack-system and to the Seaport of Poti
  • CMT has signed a Service Agreement with SGS and SGS has built an onsite Laboratory at CMT with a dedicated team engaged 24/7 in monitoring, sample preparation and analysis
  • CMT has signed an exclusive 15 year Terminal Services and Financing Agreement with Industrial Minerals SA (IM) whereby IM finances the construction and receives the exclusive right of use.


Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC

  • Fixed Assets
    Freehold to the property
    Sheltered Warehouse
    Open storage area
    Electronic Weigh Bridge for trucks, Еdessa, capacity of 150t
    Weigh Bridge for rail wagons, Edessa, capacity of 60t
    2 Railtracks
    CCTV equipment , Nikvision DVR
    Administration Building
  • Mobile Assets
    Portable dynamometer , capacity of 20 t
    Laboratory, SGS including atomic absorption facility
    Truck, DAF CF430
    Excarvator, Caterpillar M322D MH , grab capacity of 1,2 m3
    Wheel Loader, Caterpillar 938H, capacity of 4.5 m3
    Skid steer loader, Caterpillar 262C
    Pickup Broom BP18B
    One mobile crane, capacity of 32t
    Two electric-hydraulic grabs, capacity of 4,5 m3
    Two bobcats loaders, SSL 60
    Diesel Tank 8 ton
    Train Engine, Мурам ТГМ – 23В, Model : 3 D – 12
    Two Gantry cranes, SEKIZLI model, 16t capacity
    Automatic Data System, ASYCUDA
    JV with operator of 70 Trucks Volvo


Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC


  • CMT operates 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year as a bonded warehouse and handling, screening, processsing, blending facility
  • CMT provides its facilities and Terminal Services exclusively to Industrial Minerals SA.
  • CMT is an integrated logistics company providing forwarding and logistics services including rail and truck from/to CMT, port handling and customs up to the loading of containers or dry bulk vessels.
  • CMT will handled 200,000 mt of concentrates in 2013


Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC
Ownership and Employees

  • CMT is managed by a specialist logistics team headed by CEO Gocha Kurdghelia
  • CMT is owned by Industrial Minerals group. and (ii) CMT‘S Management
  • CMT currently has 93 employees split in to following divisions
  • Administration


Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC

  • CMT owns a property of 18‘000 square meters
    CMT has a storage capacity of 60,000 wmt
    CMT has a handling capacity of 400,000 wmt per year
    CMT has J/V with operators of 70 trucks
    CMT employs 93 people
    CMT is an integrated logistics company
    CMT operates 24 hours, 365 days a year
    CMT has an exclusive Terminal Agreement with Industrial Minerals S.A.
    CMT throughput for 2013 is expected to be 200 000 wmt
    CMT stock and activities are fully insured
    CMT has following expertises
    Railway Transport
    Truck Transport
    Concentrate storage, handling, processing, screening, operates
    Customs, Port and Forwarding Services


Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC
Three Point Summary

  • Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC (CMT) is one of the largest and most modern metal concentrate storage and handling facilities in the Mediterranean and Black Sea
  • CMT has a storage capacity of 60,000 mt and handling capacity of 400,000 mt per year of concentrae
  • CMT is an integrated logistics company employing 93 people


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