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Industrial Minerals Group is a privately held integrated marketing, mining and logistics group that invests into natural resources and markets commodities including metals and minerals through its marketing arm Industrial Minerals SA (IM). The group operates worldwide with a focus on Black Sea and Mediterranean area and is also active in Africa, Asia, and South America. Industrial Minerals Group has been established in 2005 to consolidate several commodity trading and investment activities. Industrial Minerals Group employs over 250 people with sales of over USD 450 million. Industrial Minerals works with the leading industrial and mining groups in order to innovate and optimize the marketing and supply chains as well as the financing to support their development. We are dedicated to a long term sustainable business relationship with each of our partners. In 2012 and 2013 we added a specialized terminal in Georgia, Caucasian Metals Terminal (CMT), and a mine operating company, Linne Mining, to our asset portfolio. In 2015 an expansion of the CMT capacity was commissioned, coming on-stream in mid 2018.


 • IM focuses on Base and Precious Metals across the vertical value chain including: Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Lead, Nickel, Gold, Silver and PGM. IM is a major supplier of copper concentrates to smelters in Europe and Far East with over 300‘000 tons of copper concentrates being shipped in 2017 with top 4 clients being Aurubis, Jiangxi, Freeport McMoran, Tongling.

• IM is a Prime Off-Taker under Long Term Contracts and Financing Arrangements for mine expansion, project finance, pre-export finance with deal values from US$15m to US$ 200m whereby it routinely participates in the CAPEX financing and/or provides the majority of the working capital tranche. The main partner mines are all Caucasian and Central Asian operators.

• The Industrial Minerals Group owns and operates its own logistics assets including a prime specialized terminal for metal concentrates: CMT with a handling capacity of 500‘000 tons per annum post-expansion. CMT handles equally in- and out-bound logistics by truck, rail, ocean vessels and containers.