• Handling, Storing, Discharging-Loading operations
    Expert handling, storage, discharging, and loading operations ensure the safe and efficient management of all types of cargo, maintaining the integrity of goods throughout the process.
  • Transportation of bulk, general, and container cargo
    Comprehensive transportation services cater to a wide range of cargo types, including bulk commodities, general merchandise, and containerized goods, facilitating seamless movement from origin to destination.
  • Railway and Truck Transportation
    Reliable railway and truck transportation solutions offer flexible and cost-effective options for transporting cargo, ensuring timely delivery and optimal efficiency in logistics operations.
  • Survey and Tallymen services
    Professional survey and tallymen services provide accurate assessments and tallies of cargo quantities, ensuring transparency and accountability in handling and inventory management.
  • Documentation (customs) and agency services
    Streamlined documentation and agency services handle all customs-related processes, ensuring compliance with regulations and facilitating smooth clearance for imports and exports.
  • Loading-Discharging from railcars to containers or from containers to railcars
    Specialized services facilitate efficient transfer of cargo between railcars and containers, or vice versa, optimizing the loading and discharging process to meet specific logistical requirements.
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